Hybrid Events

Hybrid events combine any live presenter location with a virtual audience. Allow the virtual and online audience to interact with a presentation while HB Live manages the rest. Like virtual events, your hybrid event can leverage Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams and even add graphics, video playback, and more.

On-Site Productions

On-site live events require thoughtful preparation at all stages of production. HB Live designs on-site events as an end-to-end production so the burden is lifted from your shoulder. From planning, to testing, to the day of the event, Live can help with video, audio, staging, lighting, and management. Having a leader with on-site experience allows you to focus on your event rather than worry about sound, content, staging, or anything else.

Virtual Events

Virtual events can replace in-person experiences with TV-like productions. HB Live has the experience you need to help produce meetings, webinars, live streams, and multi-track presentations as well as manage any event media. Live can leverage your preexisting collaboration platforms to host events through Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.

Event Services

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Event Consulting


Media Production/ Management

Media Streaming

Preproduction Planning

Producers and Moderators


Technical Production


"Thank you to the HB Live team for helping us pull off a wonderful hybrid meeting this week. We were especially impressed with the flow back and forth for live vs virtual presentations, and the ability to stay on time with this many presenters."
Program Coordinator
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